Colleen's Testimonial

I knew that this was the only gift I wanted for my newly engaged Son’s wedding. I kept this under wraps for the whole year, so that at my Future Daughter’s Bridal Shower, I could give her a small Andrea Durfee Print of mine with a note detailing this unique experience by my favorite artist.
Andrea would capture their day from a completely different perspective, an Artists perspective. She did so much more than that though. She captured the mood, the energy, the setting and most importantly the love; Their love.

Before the outdoor ceremony started, Andrea discreetly set up her easel and began, deftly brushing the paper with fluid strokes, bringing the lake and the trees to life. As the couples words of commitment were spoken to one another, Andrea added the small bench that overlooked the lake; expressing, that in this marriage, they would always have a private place to sit, entwined, for eternity.

When the ceremony ended she moved easel and paints to the reception hall and continued to paint the energy of the gathering, all into the flowers, trees and sky, letting this couple know they would always be surrounded by a powerful beauty.

Guests were awed at this experience, were drawn into it and into her work, they exploded with praise and shared how excited they were to be a part of this Gifted woman’s work.
I was asked so many times that day, how could she capture an entire day of joy? The reply was simple... “Extremely well!”.”

— Colleen

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