Solo exhibition at Makers Gallery and Studio
Rochester, New York
May 2016

This exhibit of gouache, watercolor and ink landscapes reflected the dynamic between control and chaos in our lives. How we reconcile opposing inclinations and views is an ongoing practice. How do we integrate diametrical thoughts and emotions into one healthy being?

The pieces in this collection were created in a way that reflect this exploration. Using the conscious creation of a sketched framework, intuitive and emotional application of paint, and identification of fragments using ink to contain and shape; it was the manifestation of my attempt at organizing chaos. 

Themes of freedom, containment, mortality, remembrance, protection, and surrender, flow through each painting. Myth, archetypes, and nature embody what are innately human realities. These Sleeping Giants were the physical manifestation of processing internal and external conflict to arrive at a peaceful and balanced whole. 

The Landing by Andrea Durfee