Live painting | Fine art investment

Through my journeys creating, I have found a love of capturing the beauty, adventure, and magic of a special day; Painting the landscape of that moment in time.

Sharing my process with couples and their guests as they see the painting develop throughout the event is a joy made up of interesting conversations, quiet moments, and lots of laughter. Live painting engages your guests, adds a moment of tranquility to your day, and leaves you with fine art that invites reflection and reminiscing for years to come.

The Painting

The paintings created during your event will capture the landscape and views of your celebration in my style of work. Using gouache and ink, artwork is painted live throughout the event. Guests are welcome and encouraged to watch the process, ask questions, and interact with me while I work. Whether you are celebrating in the mountains, or in the city, I will gather elements of your surroundings and join them to create a beautiful landscape painting that tells the story of your day.

The Details

After securing your date, we will have a consultation to learn about your story and event details, and to discuss the painting(s) being created. I will communicate with event planners and/or venue contacts to ensure seamless setup. Investments for fine art live painting start at $3000. Pricing covers live painting, materials, artwork, travel expenses, and shipping of the completed artwork. A 30% deposit is required to secure services.

I currently accept 4 events per year. To inquire about availability, please use the form below.

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