Live painting | Fine art investment

I am so blessed to live my passion as a painter and printmaker. And through my journeys creating, I have found a love of capturing the beauty, adventure, and magic of a special day; Painting the landscape of that moment in time.

Live painting engages your guests, adds a moment of tranquility to your day, and leaves you with fine art that invites reflection and reminiscing for years to come. I enjoy sharing the process with couples and their guests as they see the painting develop throughout the event.

The Process

Artwork is painted live throughout the event. I then bring the piece back to my studio for inking and completion. If desired, framing can be included. The completed work is then carefully packaged and shipped. I will communicate with event planners and/or venue contacts to ensure seamless setup. Investments for fine art live painting start at $2500. Pricing covers painting, artwork, travel expenses, and shipping of the completed artwork. A 30% deposit is required to secure services and cover costs of travel and materials.

Available for events near and far, I offer a complimentary consultation to discuss event details. I currently accept no more than 5 events per year. To inquire about availability, please use the form below.

2019 Travel

Chicago, Illinois | May 25th

Geneva, New York | . August 30th

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