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Celebrations | live painting
Fine art investment

Through my journeys creating, I have found a love of capturing the beauty, adventure, and magic of a special day; Painting the landscape of that moment in time. Live painting engages your guests, adds a moment of tranquility to your day, and leaves you with fine art that invites reflection and reminiscing for years to come. I would love to capture some magic for you!



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The Painting

I paint with gouache and watercolor on Arches 300lb hot press watercolor paper with a beautiful deckle edge. After painting is complete, I go over the work with ink, creating a detailed overlay that joins the elements together like lace. Elements within the painting may be a combination of literal and symbolic; Include your venue or vista, flowers, wildlife, and locations important to your story. Whether you are celebrating in the mountains, or in the city, I will gather these elements and mesh them to create a beautiful landscape painting that tells the unique story of you.

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The Process



The Consultation: After securing your date, you and I will sit down (or hop on a call!) so I can learn about your story and event details. I want to know the loves and quirks that make your story unique!



I will compose your painting in studio, prior to your celebration, sketching in all those details we discussed at our consultation. Past elements have been everything from lake vistas and the oak tree a couple was married beneath to prehistoric florals and dinosaurs. Our discussion will inspire the distinctive components of your painting.



Pre-event prep: I will communicate with event planners and/or venue contacts to ensure seamless setup. You’re busy enough, no need to add anything else to your plate!



Celebration day: You and your guests enjoy watching the painting come to life throughout the event. Guests are welcome and encouraged to watch the process, ask questions, and interact with me while I work. It is a joy made up of interesting conversations, quiet moments, and lots of laughter.



After the celebration, paintings will be brought back with me to my studio for inking and final touches unless otherwise arranged during our consultation. Once complete, your painting will be safely wrapped and shipped to your home for years of enjoyment and reminiscing.



Investments for fine art live painting start at $2000. Pricing covers live painting, materials, artwork, travel expenses, and shipping of the completed artwork when necessary. A 30% deposit is required to secure services.


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